A Hero’s Path:Chapter 1,One Normal Day

It was a cloudy day in the small town of Hester,Wyoming.There were a few people walking in the town.However,what you would always see was a man always walking down the sidewalk,always saying,”What an exhausting day.”That man was always walking down the sidewalk at exactly 5:45 p.m.Nobody paid much attention to him.For some reason,he never liked talking.But he had to talk.Anyway,the man was named Oliver Marthon. He worked as a forest ranger in Yellowstone National Park.That’s why he lived in Hester.The town was near the park.Then,at 6:00, he could be seen in his blue and dirty 2004 Mini Cooper driving to his home.Usually,he went through a shortcut.But today,the shortcut was nowhere to be seen.”Oh man,why does this happen to me!?”Oliver shouted.He had to drive through Main Street,turn left to Lee Street,then turn right to Ryder Avenue.Finally,he turned right to Carson Lane and then,he finally arrived to his home:3450 Carson Lane.When he opened the front door,he grabbed some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.Then, while he finished eating,he decided to take a little walk through Carson Lane.But the second he started walking down the sidewalk,Oliver saw a woman in the distance.”Could it be?”Oliver thought.”No,never in a billion years could it be her.”But then,the woman shouted,”Oliver!!!Is that you?It was her!Then,Oliver shouted as loud as he ever could,”Audrey,yes!!!It’s me!


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