A Hero’s Path:Chapter 2,Audrey

”Oliver!”Audrey said.Audrey was Oliver’s girlfriend back in college.They were the most popular people on campus.They even became engaged!However,her father forbade her to marry him.So then Audrey had to move away to Detroit.Oliver really wanted to go and visit her.However,the flights were very expensive,so Oliver never got to go to Detroit and see her.Then,Oliver broke the silence and he said”I thought your dad never let you come-”Then Audrey interrupted Oliver and she said”Oh,my dad died a week ago.He had Parkinson’s Disease for a long time,and when he finally died,I got fed up with Detroit and then I moved back to Hester.Oliver was so happy.Without Audrey’s father in the way,Oliver could marry her any week!Then Oliver said”Audrey…after all these years,I’ve been thinking,will you marry me?”Audrey was surprised.It had been years since Oliver said those last four words.Then,she said”Oliver,I really don’t know.I can’t even remember the day we turned out to be one of the best couples in Wyoming.But we can still be friends.Who knows?Maybe I’ll marry you or another guy.But we could keep in touch.In a few days I could decide between you or another person.”Oliver started to feel a little dumb.”Well,see you later.Oh,and where do you live?I could visit you every Wednesday.”Audrey then said,”I live in 983 West Thompson Avenue.”Then Audrey said goodbye and she left.”What a day.”Oliver started heading home.But before he reached his home,he could see someone in the distance.A strange man.


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