Top 10 Places To See in the World

Hi ,it’s me…Paco!!!Welcome to my first Top 10 .The places in the world might be places I’ve never seen in my life.These are my own opinions.May the list begin!                           10.  Chichen Itza,Mexico: The Mayans did millions of things.But everyone knows Chichen Itza,their big break.What you would recognize is the Palace.                                       9. Stonehenge,England:A building that now lays in ruins,Stonehenge is a mysterious place.Is it a church or a temple?Were yet to find out.                                                           8. Iguazu Falls,Brazil and Argentina: These falls are unlike any other.These falls are like the Niagara Falls of South America.Even Eleanor Roosevelt thought they were cool.                                                                     7. Hagia Sophia,Istanbul,Turkey: Once a 6th century cathedral,the Hagia Sophia is what people love about Turkey.It’s a beautiful sight.                                             6. Palace of Versailles,France: A palace known for it’s Hall of Mirrors,the Palace of Versailles is more than that.It’s one of the most famous palaces in the world.                                                                                        5. Jejudo,South Korea: Jejudo is the smallest province in South Korea.However,it’s also a beautiful place.It’s the home of a cool volcano.                            4. Sagrada Familia,Barcelona,Spain: Designed by Antoni Gaudi,the Sagrada Familia is been under construction since 1882.Anyway,it’s an incredible cathedral.                    3. Forbidden City,Beijing,China: A former palace,the Forbidden City is a place of mystery.Now a museum,the Forbidden City is a place that startles many.                                   2. Sydney Opera                       House,Sydney,Australia:The Sydney Opera House is known for it’s style of architecture.It’s a one-of-a-kind place.There’s a show every night in that place.                                                                                       1. Taj Mahal,Agra,India: The Taj Mahal was made years ago by the Shah Jajan in honor of his wife,Mumtaz Mahal. Today,it’s a mausoleum adored by millions.


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