A Hero’s Path:Chapter 3,Egver Olopoge

Uh…sir?Oliver said to the man.The stranger had dark skin,dark glasses,a dark leather jacket,dark pants,orange,blue, and black color shoes,and he was almost bald.”Excuse me sir,can you please move?”Oliver said.The strange man said,”Oliver Austin Marthon,you are needed by the U.S. Department of Security”.Oliver was starting to lose his patience.”Who the hell are you?!”The man replied,´´I am Egver Olopoge,chief officer of the U.S.D.O.S. I came from the year 2876 to tell you a message directly from the president.”Oliver just said”Yeah right”.He shut the door of his house and he was just going to watch TV.But before he could even grab the remote control,there in the screen was Egver Olopoge. Egver said,”You don’t know who you’re messing with,Oliver Marthon.”Suddenly,Oliver saw the rarest thing of all time. Egver appeared out of nowhere!!!Oliver almost fainted.First he was outside his house.Then he was on the screen.Finally,he was in front of him! Finally,Oliver said ”Alright,I admit it.You’re from the future.I don´t know anyone who can teleport.”Then,Oliver asked”First of all,what’s the message?”Egver said”You have been chosen to do a special task that many have done before.Save humanity.You might be wondering why you’re chosen,and I will tell you.The president and other people like me sense something powerful in you.So we need you to save humanity.You are our only hope.”Oliver was feeling weird.But he listened to Egver. ”Well,let’s go to save the world.”


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