Top 10 Best Presidents of the U.S.

Hi,it’s me…Paco!!!Welcome to another Top 10.This time it will be about the U.S. presidents.May the list begin!                                    10.Harry S. Truman: World War 2 would stretch years if it wasn’t for Truman.He was best known for dropping the atomic bombs.                                                          9.Franklin D. Roosevelt: Roosevelt was one of the greatest presidents of all time.He kept Americans calm during the Great Depression and WW2. He was a great person.                                                                                8.Ronald Reagan: Reagan was a cool president.He ended the Cold War.He was also a film star and a person with sense of humor.                                                                                7.Thomas Jefferson: If it weren’t for Jefferson,the U.S. would be a lot smaller.He created the Declaration of Independence and the swivel chair.                                                        6.Theodore Roosevelt: Theodore Roosevelt did a lot of things during his amazing career ,the Panama Canal,the teddy bear,and conservation achievements.             5.John F. Kennedy: JFK was one great  guy.He saved a man with his teeth…and the country by the Cuban Missile Crisis.                     4.Dwight D. Eisenhower: Eisenhower was a 5 star general.He was also the first supreme commander of NATO.                                      3.George Washington: The first president of the country,Washington deserve’s to be in the list.Would we have our country without him?                                                 2.Bill Clinton: The former governor of Arkansas,Clinton is just 2nd because he was a very normal president.                                            1.Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln was the greatest president of the U.S.Born very poor,Lincoln fought to stop slavery,which makes him a great person.


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