A Hero’s Path:Chapter 4,Fast and Fast

Egver led Oliver to a car.At first,the car Oliver saw was horrible.The car was a very old Nissan Pathfinder all scratched and a window with a few cracks.Oliver said”I expected a luxury,not a dirty old car!”Egver said”You call this a dirty old car?”Then,Oliver saw another shocking thing.The car transformed into a red sports car!Egver said”This baby is a 900,000,000 dollar limited edition Ferrari Fulmine GX300.”Oliver couldn’t believe officers had those cars in 2876.Oliver buckled his seat belt and when he did it,Egver hit the accelerator.Then,Oliver noticed that behind the car were some little rocket boosters.Then before he could say a word,the car was going faster than the wind!Egver said”This car is the 7th fastest car in the world.”Oliver didn’t care about that.He said”OK,what’s the big deal?Who’s the guy threatening humanity?”Egver answered him by saying”There is this famous criminal in my time who is rumored to be named Ralph Buckner.What we know about him is that he was born in the year 2083.He fell into the wrong crowd of people,which wasn’t good.Then,in the year 2118,Ben Shailee created time travel.And with the help of futuristic weapons and machines,he’s started World War 366,the deadliest war yet.”Oliver was shocked.”World War 366!!!The future is horrible!”Then Egver said” Calm down,there isn’t much crime in 2876.Buckner is one of the only serial criminals.”Oliver seemed to calm down a little.Then,Egver broke the silence by saying,”Where here in London.”Oliver didn’t realize the car was flying all that time.


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