Weekend in L.A.

Hello,i’ts me…Paco!!!I’m sorry,I haven’t been to active lately,so I haven’t published posts in a week or so.Anyway,I went to L.A. with my family this weekend.We arrived last Friday.We went to the pier for a little bit then we went to our hotel suite.The next day,we went to the Walk of Fame and we saw the stars of Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Mellisa McCarthy, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, and a few other people.Then we went sightseeing and we returned to Hollywood so we could go on a hiking trip.We hiked through the mountains around the sign.Then,we went to the Griffith Observatory for a while and we went down the hill.The next day,we went to Rodeo Drive and then we went on a tour to see the house of celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jackie Chan, Puff Daddy, Gwen Stefani, Sylvester Stallone,and a few other people.Then we ate at Roscoe’s,a famous restaurant where Tupac filmed a music video. Then we left.Stay tuned.                                                     Bye!!!


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