A Hero’s Path:Chapter 5,Welcome to London

Oliver had been to London twice before.But he noticed that it was more different than he had imagined.”I recieved a signal,Buckner has a lair near the Big Ben.”Oliver said,”Well,are we far?”.Egver didn’t answer that question.They passed through a giant crowd until they reached the Big Ben.It was truly big for Oliver.Then,they went inside a building that said”The Tavern”.It was all empty.Oliver said,”Well,nothing interesting here.”Then Egver said,”Grab this gun,it’s one of the most powerful in the world.”They climbed up the stairs,then Oliver saw a door that was hidden in the hallway.He opened it,and when he did he heard someone say,”The boss says that we should try to find that officer and the other guy that’s with him.He says if he see’s them in Hong Kong trying to find him,he will chop us into pieces.”Then another person said,”Really Barry,do you think the boss will fly to London and kill us?”Then Egver ran straight to those guys and he shouteed at the top of his lungs,”Freeze,I heard your chit-chat!Where is Buckner,fools?!”One of the men said”Do you think we’ll tell you.”Then he tried shooting at Egver and Oliver.But it missed them,and instead it made a giant hole in the wall.The two guys were so afraid,that they said,”We confess!!!Mr.Buckner is in Hong Kong,he recently left with a stolen MegaJet 428!”At hearing that,Egver left the building with Oliver right beside him.Now,they were going to China.


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