A Hero’s Path: Chapter 6,The Next Big Thing

The men finally reached their destination: Shanghai.They hopped off their car in front of a crowd full of tourists and a few others.Oliver and Egver walked and walked until they reached the Shanghai Tower.Oliver said ”Wow,I wish Audrey was here to see this.”They both entered the building and walked until they found an elevator.Egver said”Buckner started a massacre on the 88th floor.He killed 29 people.It was named the Shanghai Slaughter.”Oliver was shocked to hear about that terrible moment. And then he realized that he was going to be a witness to the whole event. Once the men reached the 88th floor,Egver said”In 2 minutes,the shootings will start. If we’re successful, that old Buckner will be sentenced up to 35 years in prison for his numerous crimes.Maybe even more.If that fool-”Before Egver could finish hat sentence, there were 4 men with weapons that were shooting bullets and causing chaos.Oliver didn’t dare to see the people dying on the ground. Egver grabbed a pistol and he shot at the 4 men, he managed to kill 3 of the men. The remaining man ran away in a flash. Oliver and Egver followed him. However,the man ran so fast,the 2 men couldn’t catch up with him. Finally, he sat down in a nearby chair and dissapeared. Egver and Oliver had no choice than to go to the next destination on the map: Toronto.


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