Top 10 Moments That Were Seen on TV

Hi there it’s me…Paco!!!Welcome to another Top 10. This list will show some of the moments that were all caught on camera. May the list begin!                                 10.Charles and Diana’s Wedding                       It was one of the most expensive     weddings of all time. The ceremony happened on July 29, 1981 in St. Paul’s Cathedral.However, people would then mourn when Lady Diana passed away.              9.Johnny Carson Leaves                                      Johnny Carson was one of the best TV hosts of all time. But that day when he left the Tonight Show: May 22, 1992, was Carson’s final episode. R.I.P.                                 8. M.A.S.H Series Finale                                      the series finale of the Korean War show, ”Goodbye,Farewell, And Amen”was one of the most known episodes of all time,lasting 135 minutes.                                           7.The Beatles Go To Ed Sullivan                     When one of the best bands of all time went to a famous show, the crowd cheered when the Fab Four sang at the classic Ed Sullivan Show.                                                                6.Challenger Disaster                                       In what would have been a happy moment, the Challenger Disaster was a tragedy which changed lives and killed 7,one who would have been the first teacher in space.                                                           5.O.J. Simpson Chase And Trial                     When the running back was accused of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, O.J. ran for his life in his Ford Bronco and then was declared not guilty of murder in a trial.      4. JFK Vs. Richard Nixon                                     On the first presidential debate in U.S. history, the 2 candidates for the commander-in-chief talked about political issues live on TV. Most people agree Kennedy won for numerous reasons.                    3.JFK Get’s Assassinated                                         On November 22,1963, Walter Cronkite announced John F. Kennedy’s assassination on live TV.People all over the world were saddened of the hero’s death.                               2.The Berlin Wall Fall                                          After years and years of communism in Germany, the 2 countries were made into one single democratic government with better opportunity for everyone.                            1. The Apollo 11 Moon Landing                        On July 20, 1969, the world saw Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin step foot on the moon right on their television sets. Even though there many conspiracy theories about the moon landing, it will always remain in our minds.


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