Illuminati: Real Or Fake?

Hello people, it’s me…Paco!!! This will be a special post. I will see if the infamous society, the Illuminati is a real thing or just a dumb myth. So, I think that there seeing every single thing we do on superveillance cameras all around the world. I also think that TV is helping the Illuminati. You see, now that we have TV shows and game shows, we might be too distracted to know that the Illuminati is taking over a country. And music too. Jay Z and Kanye and a few others are rumored to be part of the society. And their hits might be distracting us from the real world. And then the famous 1 dollar bill. People say that there’s all sorts of secret hidden Illuminati messages on the back of it. And finally, some people think that the society is pulling our strings this very moment. There are a bunch of conspiracy theories. But we must know the answer to the question that has been asked billions of times.


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