Conspiracy Crack: Aliens

Hi there, it’s me…Paco!!! Welcome to the first episode of Conspiracy Crack. In this series i’ll try to see if a conspiracy theory is real or a myth. In this case, aliens. So first of all, there are a bunch of sightings, some which are false. Now, let’s start with perhaps the most famous UFO sighting of all time, the Roswell incident. The crash of a UFO near a farm is a mystery never to be solved. Then we have the Phoenix Lights, when a few lights in a V-shaped formation were spotted by the people of Phoenix, Arizona. The incident was caught on tape. Last but not least, the Battle Of Los Angeles, a time where the citizens of LA were invaded by some objects in the sky. Some people claim that they were planes, others say they were UFO’s. Who knows? We might never know if there’s life in outer space.


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