A Hero’s Path: Chapter 7, Eye Contact

Egver and Oliver reached Toronto in only 8 minutes in Egver’s car. They parked the car near a black apartment building. Oliver said” Now what? We just found Buckner’s goons in the two other cities. We didn’t find the man himself.” Egver didn’t pay attention to Oliver and they went into CN Tower. They reached the top and Egver led him to the restaurant. Egver said”Buckner should come in a few minutes.” A waitress came and Oliver ordered a salad while Egver just ordered a glass of mineral water. Their order came 10 minutes later. Egver said” Now’s not the time to eat, it’s the time to defend Toronto from one of the most dangerous men in the world.” Oliver replied” But this salad is delicious. You should try it!” While Egver talked with Oliver, a group of men in black suits entered the room, one had a long cloak and a mask. Then Egver noticed the men and he checked on his watch. Then he shouted ” DUCK,DUCK!!!” Just as he said those words, the mysterious men started to shoot at different people, especially at Egver and Oliver. Egver threw a grenade, and he managed to kill two of the men. Oliver tried to help. He helped a family escape from the chaos. But when he freed them, he felt somebody grab him, and he fainted.


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