Top 10 Weird Urban Legends

Hi there, it’s me…Paco!!! Welcome to another Top 10. In this one, i’ll be talking about some creepy urban legends. May the list begin!                                                                       10. The Boyfriend’s Death                                This legend says that a couple from Paris were in the forests. The boyfriend leaves the car. Then the girl hears some squeaky noises. It’s her dead boyfriend hanging from a rope.                                                                  9. The Babysitter And The Man                       A babysitter is babysitting some children. Then, the phone rings and a man says he’ll get her. Following a series of more calls, she discovers that the man is inside the house.                                                                             8. Bloody Mary                                                     A common legend, people say that if you hold a candle in a dark room in front of a mirror, the ghost of Mary Worth will appear.                                                                            7. Mr. Rogers Was A Navy SEAL                    Legend sys that popular TV personality Fred Rogers was a Navy SEAL who killed thousands and that he wears a sweater to cover his tattoos.                                                        6. Walt Disney Is Frozen                                    A famous legend says that Walt Disney was frozen so he could see our future. That legend is probably untrue.                                         5. The Vanishing Hitchhiker                          The legend says that a man picked a woman from the road, when they reached her home, she disappears. The man discovered the girl died in a car crash.                4. The Killer In The Backseat                           The legend says that a stranger starts following a lady in her car. She later discovers that the man was trying to protect her from a killer in the backseat.           3. The Halloween Hanging                               This story is about a kid who hangs himself from a fake gallow but later dies.                          2. The Clown Statue                                           A babysitter sees a weird clown statue. She calls the kid’s parents. But then she discovers that the clown was just a poor person.                                                                            1.Buried Alive                                                      An old lady died after suffering illnesses. However, after her husband was preparing the funeral, the man discovered that  she was buried alive.


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