A Hero’s Path: Chapter 8, Buckner

Oliver woke up in a weird place he had never seen in his entire life. He couldn’t see Egver, it was just himself. He tried to escape the chair he was strapped in. It didn’t work at all. However, he saw a weird type of machine with so many buttons it was almost impossible to count them all. What he did notice about the machine, was that it had a big red button that was surrounded with a glass box with only one opening. Oliver saw a few rocks lying beside him. He managed to throw one and break the glass. Just as he did that, a few men dressed in black and white came into the room. Then, a man with a mask came in. ”Well,well,well, look who got captured in a chair with no one to protect him from all of us.” Oliver noticed that the man spoke in an Austrian accent and had gloves on and many other things so you couldn’t see his body. The mysterious man pulled out a futuristic gadget that really looked weird to Oliver. Then he said” Oh no, oh no,…sir, I’m so sorry…PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!” At that very moment, a man came out of the roof and freed Oliver from the chair, then he started shooting at the men. Oliver saw that he was Egver. The mysterious man said”Lucia, I need you to start shooting” Just as he said those words, Oliver and Egver escaped the chaos. Oliver asked Egver that if he knew who was the man in the mask. Egver said” That person is Ralph Buckner.”


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