A Hero’s Path: Chapter 9, The Wanted Pair

Oliver and Egver escaped Buckner’s base just before the sun set. Egver told Oliver that he had located him in the Himalayas and that’s how he found him. But just before Oliver could ask any other question, Egver said” Uh-oh. The car’s running out of electricity.” Egver parked the car in a parking lot in a modern mall. He didn’t have any time to check any of the stores, he needed to find Ralph Buckner faster than lightning. Egver and Oliver entered the mall anyway and went to a TV store. But then, something in one of the screens caught Oliver’s attention. It was the news, only that he noticed something. On the TV, a newscaster from CBS News said”There have been two suspected terrorists who have started attacks in Shanghai and Toronto. Sources say that they’ve captured two men in security cameras shooting at many people.” Oliver couldn’t believe that. The two were already on the news framed for something that Ralph Buckner and his goons started! He was ready to burst himself when Egver appeared.” The car’s finished charging. We’ll get to Buckner’s base in no time.” Oliver finally heard some good news. They hopped onto the supercar and Egver started the engine. Oliver thought” Let’s see the look on that jerk’s face the second I punch his lights out.”’


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