Stupid Commercials

Hello, it’s me…Paco!!! Welcome to a special post. In this one, i’ll talk about how commercials are mostly lying. Well, the first thing you wanna do when looking at commercials is this. Go to a review website and see if you should buy what they’re announcing. If they have good reviews, then you should trust the commercials. If they have bad reviews, then they’re liars and never buy or trust their product. Another strategy to avoid getting fooled is to see if the commercial isn’t low-budget. So, let’s say that you see a Chevrolet or a Coke commercial. They’re all good and are like mini movies. But then you see a very low-budget commercial about a brand you haven’t even heard before. It’s probably all a scam. The last thing is to probably tell your relatives or friends if they know someone who has had that product or if your friend or relative has that. If he or she has it, then ask him if it’s worth buying. Anyways, that’s the end.                                                                         Bye!!!


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