Top 10 Viral Videos

Hello people, it’s me…Paco!!! Welcome to another Top 10. In this one, i’ll talk about  the best viral videos. May the list begin!              10. Chocolate Rain                                               This viral music video by Tay Zonday reflected racism by blacks in that it. It has over 111 million views.                                            9. Dramatic Chipmunk                                  This  5-second video about a chipmunk that turns around in dramatic music has over 46 million views.                                               8. The Sneezing Baby Panda                             This video about a baby panda sneezing and her mother being shocked is so funny. It has over 221 million views.                                  7. Leave Britney Alone                                      This viral video about Internet celebrity Chris Crocker reacting to all of Britney Spears haters has over 2 million views.               6. David After Dentist                                       This video about a kid named David reacting to his first surgery was so funny that it has over 134 million views.                         5. Rick Roll’D                                                        This video that started the Internet craze of Rick Astley’s hit song is so popular that it has 75 million views.                                          4. Numa Numa                                                       When Gary Brolsma lip-synced the song Numa Numa and started dancing to it, little did he now that the video now has over 25 million views.                                                            3. Evolution Of Dance                                         When Judson Laipply danced to the world’s best songs and posted the video on YouTube, did he know that it would have over 298 million views.                                            2. Charlie Bit My Finger                                       This viral video about a baby named Charlie who bites his brother’s finger has over 845 million views.                                             1. PSY: Gangnam Style                                        Of course, this video must be in the list. With over 2 BILLION views, it’s the most viewed video of all time.


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