Top 10 Best Internet Memes

Hello there people, it’s…Paco!!! Welcome to another Top 10. In this one, i’ll be talking about the best memes. May the list begin!                                                                              10. The Most Interesting Man In The World                                                                           This meme about a bearded man in Dos Equis commercials, is so funny that it’s on this list.                                                                         9. Rick Rolling                                                        Whenever you get an email or click on something and see Rick Astley´s hit song”Never Gonna Give You Up” you’ve been Rick rolled.                                                          8. Doge                                                                  This meme consists of a Shiba Inu with colored words in broken English. That’s something to laugh about.                                         7. Willy Wonka                                                   Known as Creepy Wonka too, this old meme about that ”sweet” candymaker is just hilarious.                                                                  6. One Does Not Simply…                              Taken from a Lord Of The Rings scene, One Does Not Simply… is just the type of meme that you’d be laughing about.                                    5. Harlem Shake                                                This all started with just one video, and the world can’t stop shaking, it just can’t.                  4. What If I Told You                                       Although Morpheus never said that infamous line in The Matrix, what if I told you that it’s on this list anyway?                               3. You Don’t Say?                                            That famous line that Nicholas Cage said in Vampire’s Kiss, is one bloody meme that makes laughs.                                                                 2. Rebecca Black’s ”Friday”                       Even though this meme is totally HATED, at least the Internet loved this weird meme.                                                                               1. What Color Is The Dress?                           And last but not least, the famous dress case literally exploded the Internet. The world wanted to know if the dress was blue and black or gold and white.                                                       Bye!!!


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