A Hero’s Path: Chapter 10, Back In Hester

Just as the car’s engine started to boot up, Oliver heard a sound from Egver’s watch. Egver looked at it, and he had a shocked expression. He said,” Oliver Marthon, we have a giant problem. Buckner and his goons are heading to Hester, they might destroy your house, kill your family, and even more!” Oliver didn’t waste a second. He might lose Audrey, his home, his brother, who lived a few houses down the street. Oliver said ”THEN LET’S GO!!!” And that’s what Egver did. The car went so fast that Oliver was getting dizzy. He opened up the window in case he needed to vomit. The car got to Hester in no time. The duo both got out of the car and hid near a bush. They didn’t want someone to see them now that they were suspected terrorists. Oliver whispered ”OK, follow me. My house is over there.” But when they got to Oliver’s house, the two received a massive surprise. There was a giant hole in the middle of the house! Men in hazmat suits were in the house. Oliver suddenly recognized Ralph Buckner, with his mask and in a wheelchair. Egver said ”He can’t talk and he hasn’t walked since he was arrested.” Oliver couldn’t hold it any loner, and he ran and tackled one of the people in the hazmat suits.


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