Conspiracy Crack: 9/11

Hello,…it’s Paco!!! Welcome to another episode of Conspiracy Crack. Today i’ll be investigating 9/11. So, 9/11 was surely the worst terrorist attack on history, and it started a deadly war. So, let’s start. The most famous 9/11 conspiracy was that the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center 7 fell down because of a demolition that didn’t involve Al-Qaeda. However, this claim is kind of dumb because there’s a lot of pictures of the planes striking the Twin Towers. But this one kind of makes sense. The Pentagon is one of the most heavily-guarded places on Earth, so there’s a lot of security cameras. And the camera that caught the plane got some people suspicious. The object that hit The Pentagon looks like a missile. And then there’s the crash on Shanksville, Pennsylvania. One theory states that the plane that crashed was actually shot down by a U.S. fighter jet. That’s all I have. Stay tuned.                                                                                                          Bye!!!


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