Top 10 Worst Mistakes In History

Hello, it’s me…Paco!!! Welcome to another Top 10. In this one, i’ll be talking about the worst mistakes of all time. May the list begin!

10. Titanic                                                                  What was wrong with the unsinkable ship? It’s big mistake was that it didn’t have enough lifeboats to save everyone.

9. Hitler And Russia                                              Hitler was crazy. He thought that he would rule Russia by sending the Germans to fight in Siberia, where they froze to death.

8. Alaska And Russia                                              Back in the day, Russia thought that Alaska was a simple old tundra, and they sold the place to the US for 2 cents. It was a bad move.

7. Constantinople’s Gate                                       Constantinople thought that the Turks would never invade, but some idiot left a gate open.

6. Refusing Google                                                  One time, Google wanted Yahoo to buy them, for just one million dollars. They refused, and Google is now one of the biggest companies in the world.

5. The World Wars                                                  The deadliest wars in history could have been avoided, except that the driver who had Archduke Franz Ferdinand went through a wrong turn.

4. Harry Potter                                                         12 publishers refused to publish the Harry Potter books. The ones who did must have made millions.

3. Chernobyl                                                              The greatest power plant explosion ever was started with a simple mistake. That killed millions.

2. Getting Trump Elected                                      The election of Donald Trump was the biggest political upset of all time. He hasn’t done anything.

1. Christopher Columbus                                     This is surely the biggest mistake of all time. Thinking that the Caribbean islands were Asia? That was just crazy.


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