I’m Back!!!

Hello everyone, it’s…Paco!!! I’m finally back from my vacation! So, let me tell you about it. We arrived to the city of Chihuahua last Sunday. We saw the Cathedral, we went inside a cave system, we went to the mansion where Mexican general Pancho Villa lived, and we also saw a French style mansion. After staying in Chihuahua City, we went to a Mexican-Irish village where many Amish immigrants live. Then, we stayed three nights in a village called Creel. We went to a cave famous for natives living in there. We were greeted by a girl who told us all about the cave. We also saw rocks shaped like frogs and elephants. And not to mention a beautiful waterfall. Then, we went to the highlight of our trip: Copper Canyon. It was just beautiful. There was a zipline and a cableway. I only rode the cableway. Last but not least, we went to Los Mochis. We went to my mom’s cousin’s house. [I WOULD CALL THE HOUSE A MANSION] One of the cousin’s son apperad in the Time magazine because in a soccer game, he painted himself with the colors of the Mexican flag and cheered for his country. We did a few things in Los Mochis, and we ended our trip. It was fascinating. Stay tuned for more posts.



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