The Last Jedi Teaser Revealed!!!

Hello people, it’s me…Paco!!! Yesterday was an incredible day for Star Wars fans around the world! Yesterday, in the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, the crowd watched the teaser for Star Wars: Episode VII: The Last Jedi was revealed! The trailer began with Rey landing on some rocks while Luke Skywalker saying ” Breathe, just breathe.” the camera then goes to an unknown person, then to a shattered mask. Then, you see spacecrafts and some wars in space. Then you see Rey and Kylo Ren with a lightsaber. Then, Luke Skywalker says these words ” I only know one truth. It’s time for the Jedi to end.” What could that mean? Some say that Luke has turned into a Grey Jedi. Who knows? Stay tuned for more posts.                                                                                                            Bye!!!


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