The Things I Hate The Most

Hello, the man has entered the building…Paco!!! So, I’m pretty sorry I haven’t been publishing any posts lately. But anyways, yesterday, a lighting bolt struck my head: why not write about the things I hate the most? So, here I am to tell you.

1] Not publishing any posts. [I THINK YOU GUESSED THAT]

2] Probably haters. They just want to curse and say bad stuff about you or what you do.

3] The third thing is chalk on my hands. It’s so annoying to me when I have chalk on my hands because they get all dirty.

4] The fourth thing is when you get blamed for something you didn’t do. I’ve been done that a lot by friends.

5] And finally, it’s getting bored. Getting bored is the worst feeling you can get. It’s especially annoying when you get bored for hours and hours.

So, those were the things I hate the most. Leave yours in the comments. Stay tuned.



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