A Hero’s Path: Chapter 11, An Eplosive Surprise

”Well, well, well, I see we got some visitors.” said Ralph Buckner with a voice that could kill a thousand mice. Egver and Oliver stood there motionless trying to think about what to do. After a few seconds, Egver spoke and said ”Buckner, you have violated more than two hundred rules and have killed millions of innocent people. With that, you are under arrest.” Buckner just stood there as if he was defeated. But instead of giving up, he and his goons started laughing like a pack of hyenas. ”Oh, you idiotic police man! I’ve fought with the most powerful police officers and chiefs in history, and now there living in the graveyard.” Then he and his goons laughed again. Oliver didn’t think it was funny at all. And at the top of his lungs, he screamed ”YOU JERKS!!! You’ve been killing innocent people who did nothing wrong for decades! Now you imbeciles framed us!” Everyone was shocked when they heard the words that Oliver said, except Ralph Buckner. ”Well, I see you want a fight. How about I kill your loved ones?” And then, he held up a picture of Audrey in his hand. Oliver was furious. But then Egver grabbed a gun and pointed it at Ralph Buckner. ”This might as well be the day I kill you.” Then, he pulled the trigger. Oliver and Egver ducked while Oliver’s house was exploding. A few minutes later, all the debris cleared and the two friends saw the wreckage of Oliver’s home. ”Well, my house is destroyed, but at least we killed Buckner.” But then, everything changed when Egver and Oliver heard Buckner’s voice saying ”Not so fast!” The two turned around to see Buckner and his goons standing inside a forcefield.


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