In Memory Of Roger Moore

Hello peeps, it’s the one and only…Paco!!! Today has been an incredibly sad day for the millions of James bond fans around the world. Sir Roger Moore, the actor who played James Bond from 1973 to 1985, died today at the age of 89. It has been a very sad occasion. Moore was born in Stockwell, England, in October 14, 1927. Originally, he was a model but later began his acting career. His first films were flops, but then he started appearing in TV shows like ”The Saint” and ”Maverick”. But then, something changed his life forever. He was cast to play James Bond. Moore’s first James Bond film was ”Live And Let Die”. Other hits followed, like ”The Spy Who Loved Me” and ”Moonraker” However, he stopped playing 007 in 1985. After that, he still appeared in a lot of movies. In 2003, Moore was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. After that, he died in Switzerland on May 23, 2017. Sir Roger Moore will always be remembered as one of the greatest actors that has ever stepped foot on the planet.



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