How Qatar Is Suffering

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it’s…Paco!!! So, as all of you know, there are times when you’re rich but then you sleep in the sidewalks. And that’s happening to Qatar. Right now, many countries in the Middle East are severing ties with Qatar. Qatar is on of the richest countries on the planet with it’s luxurious skyscrapers and their big oil companies, but it’s suffering. In just one day, Qatar is losing it’s ties with countries in the Middle East, which is a big problem. The reason why it’s a problem is because Qatar doesn’t produce its own food, it relies on other countries for them getting food. Another reason is because Qatar Airlines can’t use airspace from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or other countries. Why is this bad? Tickets sales from Qatar Airlines might rise, so more people will try finding cheaper airlines. Qatar is suffering, and it really needs help. Stay tuned.



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