A Hero’s Path: Chapter 12, The Surprise Of The Century

”NOOO!!!” screamed a shocked and surprised Oliver, while Buckner laughed and laughed. ”I guess I’m invincible!” said Buckner, while his goons laughed like if that was the funniest thing they ever heard. Oliver was furious with Buckner, but with Egver more. He could have had a nice life, but now he was homeless, a framed person that was in the Most Wanted list, and could die thanks to him. However, he still was angry with Buckner. ”You will never get away with it. The police will stop you.” Then, he had an idea. With Egver’s phone, he could call the police department from 2876, who had the most powerful guns of all time! He snatched Egver’s phone and started dialing 911. Egver angrily said, ”Let me guess, you’re gonna call your friend and tell him gossip while I’m protecting the world and you!!!” Oliver said ”I’m not stupid! I have a plan.” Buckner said ”A plan?”, but before he could scream at them and try to kill them, a dispatcher said ”911 here, what’s your emergency?”. Oliver quickly screamed ”HELP, HELP!!! THERE’S A DERANGED CRIMINAL TRYING TO KILL ME AND HE HAS BLOWN UP MY HOUSE!!!” and then he quickly hung up. Buckner said ”That was a bad move, you imbecile.” Then, he pressed some buttons in some king of gadget that revealed some weird blue particle. But to Oliver’s surprise, the particles started forming into a human, and that human was Audrey.



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