Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hi,it’s me…Paco!!!Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday.Tell me how you spent it in the comments.Anyway,I woke up and then I did this and that.Then,a few hours later,me and my family went to a friend’s house and that’s where we celebrated our Thanksgiving.We prayed and then we ate our food.There was turkey,asparagus,bread with gravy,mashed potatoes,and mushrooms.We left… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A Hero’s Path:Chapter 5,Welcome to London

Oliver had been to London twice before.But he noticed that it was more different than he had imagined.”I recieved a signal,Buckner has a lair near the Big Ben.”Oliver said,”Well,are we far?”.Egver didn’t answer that question.They passed through a giant crowd until they reached the Big Ben.It was truly big for Oliver.Then,they went inside a building… Continue reading A Hero’s Path:Chapter 5,Welcome to London

A Hero’s Path:Chapter 4,Fast and Fast

Egver led Oliver to a car.At first,the car Oliver saw was horrible.The car was a very old Nissan Pathfinder all scratched and a window with a few cracks.Oliver said”I expected a luxury,not a dirty old car!”Egver said”You call this a dirty old car?”Then,Oliver saw another shocking thing.The car transformed into a red sports car!Egver said”This… Continue reading A Hero’s Path:Chapter 4,Fast and Fast

A Hero’s Path:Chapter 3,Egver Olopoge

Uh…sir?Oliver said to the man.The stranger had dark skin,dark glasses,a dark leather jacket,dark pants,orange,blue, and black color shoes,and he was almost bald.”Excuse me sir,can you please move?”Oliver said.The strange man said,”Oliver Austin Marthon,you are needed by the U.S. Department of Security”.Oliver was starting to lose his patience.”Who the hell are you?!”The man replied,´´I am Egver… Continue reading A Hero’s Path:Chapter 3,Egver Olopoge