The Presidential Debate

Hi,it’s me…Paco!!!Did you see the debate last night?If you never saw the debate,then you should know about it.The debate took place in Hofstra University in Hempstead,NY.It was between[of course] Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.The candidates talked about jobs,taxes,Trumps hatred of Muslims,and the Barack Obama birth certificate thing.Hillary won the debate in a landslide.I thought Trump… Continue reading The Presidential Debate

A Hero’s Path:Chapter 2,Audrey

”Oliver!”Audrey said.Audrey was Oliver’s girlfriend back in college.They were the most popular people on campus.They even became engaged!However,her father forbade her to marry him.So then Audrey had to move away to Detroit.Oliver really wanted to go and visit her.However,the flights were very expensive,so Oliver never got to go to Detroit and see her.Then,Oliver broke the… Continue reading A Hero’s Path:Chapter 2,Audrey

A Day in Disneyland

Hello everyone,it’s Paco!!!First of all,stay tuned,because the second chapter of ”A Hero’s Path”is coming soon!Maybe in a day or two.And I know you’re wondering about this Disneyland thing.Well,yesterday I went there.I rode almost all the rides except a few,including Matterhorn Bobsleds.However,the downside of spending so much time walking was that at the end,you’re stressed out… Continue reading A Day in Disneyland

A Hero’s Path:Chapter 1,One Normal Day

It was a cloudy day in the small town of Hester,Wyoming.There were a few people walking in the town.However,what you would always see was a man always walking down the sidewalk,always saying,”What an exhausting day.”That man was always walking down the sidewalk at exactly 5:45 p.m.Nobody paid much attention to him.For some reason,he never liked… Continue reading A Hero’s Path:Chapter 1,One Normal Day